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The development team

Daniel Stenberg is the founder and self-proclaimed leader of the project. Everybody else that participates or contributes in the project has thus arrived at a later point. Some contributors worked for a while and then left again. Most contributors hang around only for a short while to get their bug fixed or feature merged or similar. Counting all contributors we know the names of, we have received help from more than 2,500 individuals.
The full list of people who ever did ten commits or more within a single year in the project are:
Alessandro Ghedini, Ben Greear, Benoit Neil, Bill Hoffman, Bill Nagel, Björn Stenberg, Brad Hards, Dan Fandrich, Daniel Gustafsson, Daniel Stenberg, Dominick Meglio, Emil Engler, Fabian Frank, Fabian Keil, Gergely Nagy, Gisle Vanem, Guenter Knauf, Harry Sintonen, Isaac Boukris, Jacob Hoffman-Andrews, Jakub Zakrzewski, James Housley, Jay Satiro, Jiri Hruska, Joe Mason, Johannes Schindelin, Josh Soref, Julien Chaffraix, Kamil Dudka, Marc Hoersken, Marcel Raad, Mark Salisbury, Marty Kuhrt, Max Dymond, Michael Kaufmann, Michael Osipov, Michal Marek, Nick Zitzmann, Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos, Patrick Monnerat, Peter Wu, Rikard Falkeborn, Ruslan Baratov, Simon Warta, Steinar H. Gunderson, Sterling Hughes, Steve Holme, Svyatoslav Mishyn, Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa, Tor Arntsen, Viktor Szakats, Yang Tse