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How to read this book

Here is an overview of the main sections of this book and what they cover.
Project things. How it started, how we work and how often releases are made.
What exactly are networks and protocols?
How and where to get and install curl.
A description of the curl source tree and how the layout of the code is and works.
How to build curl and libcurl from source.
Start at the beginning. How do you use curl from a command line?
Going deeper, looking at things you do with curl the command line tool.
Digging deeper on HTTP specific actions to do with the curl command line tool.
Learn FTP specific operations in this chapter.
How libcurl works and how you use it when writing your own applications with it.
A closer look at doing HTTP specific things with libcurl.
A casual overview of some of the most popular libcurl bindings and how similar they are to the libcurl C API.
Under the hood it works like this…

14. Index

The index.